Decorative wrought iron and steel

Steel Valley expertly designs, fabricates and fits a variety of decorative and metal safety fittings including but not limited to window security barriers, decorative steel arts, doors, security door barriers, windows, gates, fencing and railings.
Well-trained and knowledgeable craftsmen
Bespoke customisable services available
Attention to detail and excellent service
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Interior wrought iron

Steel Valley offers quality, creative iron and steel fixtures utilising the best materials and creating a variety of bespoke wrought iron and steel items to order.

Durable and attractive

Their products are both attractive and they understand that it needs to be as functional in order to fully serve its purpose. Therefore, Steel Valley design with quality and durability in mind.

Exterior wrought iron

With each home and development undergoing slight plan variances, so Steel Valley is careful to measure and design a great fit. They also work with your Architect, Designer and Contractor to ensure that you get the style and finish you always dreamed of.

Trellidor and security gates

Steel Valley understand the importance of security, that's why they can have your manufactured and fitted to high South African Standards, safe guarding everything important to you.

Artistic Iron supplies

  • Safety spearhead and hot forged pieces
  • Leaves and roses
  • Door corners and centers
  • Post tops, circles and ellipse
  • Scrolls
  • Forged balusters
  • Forged and bowed balusters
  • Door panels
  • Grooved and hammered bars
  • Deformed and round construction bars


  • Decorative steel arts
  • Artistic wrought iron products
  • Deformed bars
  • Round bars
  • Burglar proofing designs
  • Railings
  • Gate fabrication
  • Security door barriers
  • Window security barriers
  • Fencing

Benefits of choosing wrought iron over other metals

  • Durability
  • Safe and secure
  • Affordable
  • Attractive
  • Offers upgrade of property
  • Landscaping and outdoor construction
  • Customisable

Steel Valley are able to deliver what you envision. They have highly skilled and experienced craftsmen who pride themselves on adhering to the highest standards of quality workmanship. The company is able to design, craft, and install beautiful products that meet your functional needs.

Steel Valley believe that recycling is an important way to support the environment since reusing one ton of steel conserves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone, besides to the massive preservation of energy, natural resources and wildlife.


Industrial metal works

Steel Valley specialise in fabricating, fitting and supplying interior and exterior metal works, customisable solutions, affordable and highly competitive pricing, attractive designs and excellent durability.
Large scale steel works
Fabrication, supply and fit of construction steel
Steel roofing and canopies
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Water tanks and resevoirs

Steel Valley water tanks and resevoirs are built with the best steel to the best quality to ensure that it withstands all the elements with longevity in mind. They understand that these investments are made to stand the test of time.

Roofing canopies

At Steel Valley, their state-of-the-art techniques and materials combined with creativity and craftsmanship ensure that every installation meets the highest standards.

Large scale steel works

Steel Valley embraces innovative and effective steel solutions to improve efficiency and enhance client value in each project. They work without limitations and have a permanent workforce who are highly skilled and passionate about their trade.

Fabricating, fitting and supplying construction steel

Steel Valley is able to fabricate to your specifications, supply and fit all your construction steel requirements; I-breams, Y8 up to Y32, Conforce Wire, Window Section material for all types of building projects.


Steel structure fabrication

Steel Valley are dependable contractors who specialise in steel structure fabrication. They are able to fabricate all kinds of steel works, small to large scale, to suit the specific requirements for your personal or commercial building project. Examples of work they undertake is roofing and canopies, water tanks and reservoirs and fencing.
Specialist steel structure fabrication services
Fabricates steel structures to your specific requirements
Undertakes small to large scale projects
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Supply of construction steel

Steel Valley supplies a broad range of construction steel materials such as I-beams, Y8 up to Y32, conforce wire, window section materials for all types of building projects.
Construction steel specialists
Supplies construction steel products
Caters for all kinds of building projects
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Racking systems

Steel Valley design, fabricate and install racking systems that can be used to store materials and products in warehouses. They are a efficient and affordable storage solutions for all kinds of businesses with storage needs. Steel Valley supply teardrop designs that can be easily adjusted as well as heavy duty shelving and structural pallets that can be installed and uninstalled with ease.
Design, fabricate and install racking systems
Efficient and affordable storage solutions
Flexible tear drop and heavy duty shelving systems available
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Water tanks and reservoirs

Steel Valley builds water tanks and reservoirs using the best steel to the highest of standards in order to ensure water quality and longevity. Tanks and reservoirs are built to withstand the elements, stand the test of time and deliver to your specifications.
Steel water tanks and reservoirs
Design, fabrication, supply and fit services
Bespoke services available
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Water tanks and reservoirs

The water tanks and reservoirs are built with the best steel to the best quality to ensure that it withstands all the elements with longevity in mind. Steel Valley understands that these investments are made to stand the test of time.

The standard factory-finish of Steel Valley tanks is Zincalume® matt, metallic silver. Should you opt for a specific colour to suit your aesthetic preference, your chosen colour is factory-baked onto each individual Zincalume® structural steel wall-plate using a colour-fast, powder coating process.

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