Supply of decorative wrought iron material and fabrication

Steel Valley expertly designs, fabricates and fits a variety of decorative and metal safety fittings including but not limited to window security barriers, decorative steel arts, doors, security door barriers, windows, gates, fencing and railings.
Well-trained and knowledgeable craftsmen
Bespoke customisable services available
Attention to detail and excellent service
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Structural steel fabrication

Steel Valley Steel Fabricators honors itself in know-how and understanding of the engineering involved in the design, fabrication and erection of structural steel. Steel work is fabricated off-site under controlled conditions, ensuring a high-quality product and finish. Most steel work used in the structure is recyclable. Steel Valley Ltd prides itself in supplying malls, warehouses, petrol stations, hospitals, hotels, etc.
Large scale steel works
Design, fabrication and erection of structural steel
Off site fabrication
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Racking systems

Racks are usually used in big warehouses in order to store various materials and products. Today racks are becoming increasingly popular among manufacturing companies, department stores and all mid to large businesses that require warehouses for better operation. Racks are an integral part of any warehousing system and provide several substantial benefits.
Design, fabricate and installation of racking systems
Efficient and affordable storage solutions
Flexible tear drop and heavy duty shelving systems available
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Steel Valley we supports agriculture in Zambia with greenhouses that are pre-fabricated modular units. Its cost efficient design makes it easy to install. Its repetitive design allows bays to be easily added on later.
Pre-fabricated modular greenhouses
Cost efficient
Easy to install
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Water tanks and reservoirs

The Water Tank is a product designed to meet clients requirements. It is a combination of pressed plates configured to offer a range of storage capacities for water for domestic, industrial and commercial use. The strength and robustness are key aspects of the design and fabrication of the tank. All steel tanks are protected against rust by galvanisation and applying paint on both the inside and outside, prior to dispatch.
Domestic, industrial and commercial steel tanks
Design, fabrication, supply and fit services
Protected from rust
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Aluminium and wood works

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Supply of construction steel

Steel Valley supplies a broad range of construction steel materials such as I-beams, Y8 up to Y32, conforce wire, window section materials for all types of building projects.
Construction steel specialists
Supplies construction steel products
Caters for all kinds of building projects
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