Looking for the best racking solutions for your warehouse, shop or office?

Looking for the best racking solutions for your warehouse, shop or office?

Steel Valley are happy to introduce their new racking system service to help you store various materials and products. Today racks are becoming increasingly popular among manufacturing companies, department stores and all mid-sized and larger businesses that require warehouses for better operation.

Steel Valley design, fabricate and install light-duty, heavy-duty and mezzanine racking systems.

Light duty racking

The light-duty Racking is made to be extremely versatile suitable for small parts, accessories, such as the lighter workplace, with manpower, manual handling, storage, and order picking. Racking is one of the best forms of storage to have in a storage facility, shop, office or even at home. Making it possible to have well-organized storage, which will be accessible and easy to manage, especially when it comes to stock taking without the risk of stacking too many things on top of each other.

Heavy-duty racking

The biggest benefit of storage racks is that they are a great space saver. The way they are constructed allows businesses to use the vertical space for storage instead of floor space. Heavy duty racks are set up to make space. stored products accessible from both ends and either side. Also, they are designed for easy movement of forklifts around the storage racks. Heavy-duty racking is also very convenient and help companies store more products, increase safety and enable tasks to be done faster and in an efficient manner.

Mezzanine racking system

Mezzanine floors increase storage, effectively acting as an extra floor between the ground and ceiling, mezzanines open up new storage areas in what would otherwise be inaccessible vertical. Not only do you get a platform on which you can stack more items or increase racking. You can also add racks underneath as part of the support structure enabling the space to be used efficiently.

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Looking for the best racking solutions for your warehouse, shop or office?

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